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Showbiz Spy poster-final-19oct-01.jpg

Showbiz Spy

Director: Chi-Yiu Chui

Starring: Anson Lo, Summer Chan, Heidi Lee, Chloe So, Alina Lee 

Cercis Lui (Anson Lo @ MIRROR) goes undercover in this lively comedy as an officer of the "International Association for the Physical and Mental Health Development of Underage Boys and Girls” dedicated to protecting young boys and girls from being exploited in their pursuit of pop stardom.

When tasked with taking down a shady talent show and its mastermind, Big Boss (Andrew Lam), Cercis must disguise himself as a woman to enter the competition. Only then can he get close enough to gather the evidence to take down the criminal ring.

Joining this outlandish operation are Helianthus - an entertainment reporter (Chole So), Circle O – a wannabe popstar (Summer Chan), Lilium - a notorious artist (Heidi Lee) and Oval O – cousin of Circle O from the US (Alina Lee). But does this ragtag team have what it takes to triumph over the shady side of the business?

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